Chavarcode family hailing from the Kollam district of Kerala state, India is renowned for its great lineage in traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Generations of traditional physicians from this family have come up to make valuable contributions for the well-being of humanity. Their skill and practical knowledge in Ayurveda have stood in good stead while they render effective treatment for various ailments.

The great heritage of many years of clinical experience and research studies conducted by physicians of different generations from this family stands to its credit. The old manuscripts (Ancient Scriptures) in Ayurveda, which have been preserved here, bring out the hidden treasure of Chavarcode Ayurvedic Tradition. The Chavarcode physicians were the most sought-after ones for the classical as well as traditional approach they adopted while treating various diseases. Even certain acute cases have been treated producing amazing results. With more than two Hundred fifty years of traditional background in Ayurveda Treatments, the Chavarcode family still continues to make invaluable contributions in the health sector.


Vairavan Vaidya (vai•dy•a - traditional physician: an Ayurvedic physician) is forefather of CHAVARCODE VAIDYA family. He was born in AD 1834 in a place called Panayara, roughly 2 miles away from CHAVARCODE. His father SANKARAN VAIDYA was a leading Ayurvedic physician. He was brought up in favorable surroundings of Ayurvedic medical practice to become a renowned famous Ayurveda Acharya (a•char•y•a - a learned teacher and guide). At the age 10 he captured the fame by discovering out the cause of a no healing ulcer of the eye in his father's patient. On close examination he found a black foreign body attached to the sclera. He got a knot on the tiny particle with the help of a long human hair and could easily pull off. He showed it to his father and explained the story. His father was amazed to see the son's intelligence and embraced him. Then he decided to educate him under extra ordinary masters of Sanskrit and Ayurveda science.

After his education he settled in Chavarcode, started medical practice. Patients from far off places even brought in horse / bullock carts to see him. Such patients were admitted and treated till they could be sent off with ease. Later Ayurvedic students from different parts of Kerala used to come for internship under him to be good physicians. He was equally interested in cultivation of organic and genuine medicinal plants for easy access to prepare instant medications.

Even the Maharaja (King), famous saints, literate eminent came for medical consultation and treatment. He was awarded for his outstanding treatments for the palace.

This is the beginning of the “Chavarcode Ayurveda family" that is continuing today ...

Second generation Vaidya


He was born at Chavarcode in AD 1886. He followed the family tradition and stared his expertise in Ayurvedic medical practice. His fame reached the Maharaja of Travancore (the King). He was called to palace in an embarrassed situation, as the eminent physicians of the Maharaja failed. A pet baby elephant of the maharaja never slept or taken any food for few weeks and was always shaking its head. MARTHANDAN VAIDYA applied his intelligence rather than surfing through the Sanskrit theorems as the failed palace physicians did. He observed its breathing very closely and found the nostrils were unused! Mouth breathing was going on and so denied any feeds despite hunger. His intelligence from the inner mind prompted as some block in the long nostrils and also some irritating creatures bugging the baby elephant. He ordered to bring freshly prepared mud diluted in water and to put the long nostril tip into it. A few minutes later the elephant showed marked irritation as it started powerful expirations and sneezing repeatedly. Large larvae of a dozen fell down one after another when the smell of fresh mud entered in the trunk. Everybody noticed the non stopping headshakes stopped and the baby elephant lied down and was showing signs of appetite and fatigue. The MARTHANDAN VAIDYA was posted as the chief consultant physician of the palace.

Later lots of treatment histories he made and received valuable rewards from the Maharaja of Travancore.


Kunju Sankaran Vaidya was one of the top Ayurvedic physicians in the Chavarcode Vaidya family. He was born in AD 1885. His wisdom in Sanskrit literature, Ayurveda science, as an eminent scholar in applied therapeutics of Ayurveda and a debater in the health science (traditional medicine) was inimitable! At his young age, seeing his aptitude and devotion in the Ayurvedic field, senior saint and gurus advised his Uncle (Vairavan Vaidya) to send him for more scientific Ayurvedic studies. The saint has selected and recommended to that time famous acharya-Harippadu Aanandapuram Valiya koyi Thampuran Thirumanas. His uncle sent his eldest son also along with. After the long years of serious study, Kunju Sankaran Vaidya came back and settled in Chavarcode. He started his own practice with the grace of his uncle. The practice went to heights that brought patients from all levels of life-included local rulers, politicians, saints from distant places, eminent literate etc. History is there as he had convened high level seminars on Sanskrit literature and the Vaidya also interacted actively in it.

Lots of Ayurvedic students had internship under the Vaidya. He had separate centre for medicine manufacturing as he needed good amounts of ready medicines on a daily basis. He had selected a few students from his own family circle after close scrutiny. His younger brother's son - C. N. Karunakaran Vaidya was among them who later became his predecessor. Panchakarma therapy (systemic toxin elimination therapy) was one of his specialties. He practiced Charity; both rich and poor were equally received. Everyone was served food at free of cost. Enough plantations of rice, fruits, coconuts and vegetables were there along with organic medicinal plants.

Vaidya's wise diagnosis and treatment is still famous. Once a patient was advised surgery for a salivary gland duct impacted stone in the Trivandrum general hospital. Due to fear for surgery he approached vaidya for any alternate remedy with him. He ordered an instant paste made with tamarind sour, fresh chilly paddy and salt as balls. The patient was asked to hold the same in his mouth. After half an hour the stone was washed off along with the excess saliva it created. The patient took out the stone and showed the vaidya.


C.V.Madhavankutty Vaidya was a good Vaidya known for his specialty in orthopedic. He was good in bone and joint diseases. Bone fractures and dislocations were wisely immobilized with traditional expertness and the outcome was very good. He was known as "marma" specialist. He also was famous in general practice. Special herbal oils were formulated and are still holding good reputation. These medicated oils were used for pain relief by external use. Fast fracture healing oils were given orally. Even compound fracture infections were not reported as these external oils prevented microbes to establish in the media. He's survived by his son as his predecessor – Bharathan Vaidya.


C.V. Marthandan Vaidya was born in 1889. He was an Internal medicine practitioner and a famous traditional medical teacher. He used to have numerous students from all over the state of Kerala as imamates for training. His knowledge in the diagnosis and therapy was creating jealousy among other professionals. His medicines were very reputed for its quality and efficiency. He was also keen in treating patients after elimination therapy where systemic toxins of metabolism are processed and let off through appropriate routes as the Vaidya decides. So his therapy results were so high.

One such toxin removal was with the help of a bite of a soft leech specially selected for the medical use only. The leech sucks vitiated venous blood and it gets ballooned. This was his specialty. Irreversible skin diseases like eczemas were healed with his expertise.

Third generation Vaidya


He received his Vaidya Kalanidhi degree in ayurveda. In true sense he was a scholar in Ayurveda science both in theory and practice. In curing a patient of a certain disease he followed his own style of selecting the herbal ingredients. To boost selective drug effect, he would double some items in his prescription. It definitely showed marvelous therapeutic results. After diagnosis, he was meticulous to do elimination therapy in essential cases of high toxic states. This type of conservative course of internal medication brought unusual fast recovery and relief of the disease. The rejuvenation therapy brings the patient to a better state of balanced organ system with boosting of immunity. The patient feels young compared to his age and disease free for a period of time. Another specialization of Gangadharan Vaidya was the Leech Therapy which let out local toxic collections. For this he had a leech museum where the bio-tech leeches were grown.

BHARATHAN VAIDYA (1909 - 1975)

He had a degree in Ayurveda (Vaidya Kalanidhi). After completing his education he returned to his father’s clinic at Chavarcode and practiced Ayurvedic medicine. Lot of patients would come to consultant him for treatment of various diseases. He gained lot of fame and reputation.


Karunakaran Vaidyan was directly trained as a Vaidya under his father’s brother, Kunju Sankaran Vaidya. He fully devoted his entire life to the learning and practicing of Ayurveda. He was the last senior in the third generation. He was known for his practice in pediatrics of Ayurveda holistic medical system. Hence, his medical center was crowded with small children along with their mothers. Majority of the children had Pyoderma (blisters and ulceration of skin discretely) which is secondary to a transient immunodeficiency state in children either due to premature stoppage of lactation or malnutrition. He was a pioneer in curing these types of dreadful states of children. He formulated herbal combinations effective for stimulating the weak immune system. The herbs were prepared in the cow’s ghee that gave nutrition along with medication. For external application he used herbal oils for ulcer healing.

Another area of specialization was "joint diseases"- (arthritis). Osteoarthritis (degenerative type) and dysimmune arthritis (Rheumatoid disease S.L.E etc.) were cured ideally as it sounds unbelievable. Patients with limping problem got cured with these herbal formulae. Total outcome of arthritis cure rate was very high!

Another field that specialized was infertility. He also was successful in treating mental disorders and epilepsy. This type of health problems have remedies that are of herbal origin still available. Karunakaran vaidya has a son who is a scholar in Ayurvedic and modern medical systems.

Fourth generation

At present the traditional herbal business is run by Roy Chavarcode.


Roy Chavarcode has a engineering degree from UK. He has been doing business since 1987 and traveled all over the world. This has given him a good experience in International Business. He was interested in the traditional family ayurvedic system from early years. He thought of taking the family expertise to the whole world for those who are suffering. At present he is heading the management and marketing part of the company. Presently, the herbal business marketing office is being operated from the United States of America.