NUTRALGIN - Herbal oil for external use


  1. Arthritis.
  2. Athletes Pain
  3. Any soft tissue injury
  4. Neck pain (spondylosis)
  5. Shoulder pain
  6. Elbow pain (tennis elbow / golf's elbow)
  7. Wrist pain (carpel tunnel syndrome)
  8. Back pain (lumbago ,sciatica, disk herniation or prolapse)
  9. Hip Pain (post injury, ischemic necrosis or enthesitis)
  10. Knee pain ( tendon or ligament injury, arthritis)
  11. Ankle pain (Achilles tendonitis, dorsal tendon tenosynovitis)
  12. Foot pain (plantar faciitis, arch of foot joint pains)
  13. Burns (immediate application prevent bleb formation) and for dressing in burns

How it works:

The plant ingredient in this formula gives a synergic effect. NUTRALGIN helps smoothening for skin; pain killing locally, reduces inflammation, even avoids bleb formation in burns if applied soon, and reduces muscle spasm on arthritis or injuries. Plant lignins in the formula help easy permeation of other ingredients into the deeper skin and act quickly.


NUTRALGIN is natural herbal oil without any chemicals or preservatives for external application on the joints and muscles. NUTRALGIN is designed to eliminate muscle cramps, pain on skin or deep structures, so you can get back your full range of movement. It's formulated with all 100% natural ingredients to instantly invigorate those stiff, aching muscles.

External application of NUTRALGIN helps Athletes pain relief. Sports injury involved in bicycling, weight lifting, running, swimming, skiing, golf and tennis.

Also NUTRALGIN is recommended for other skilled works including truck drivers, warehouse personnel, construction workers, heavy manufacturing workers and nurses.

NUTRALGIN is an Ayurvedic preparation that has been used for more than 250 years.

NUTRALGIN has been used for generations and by thousands of people. This is a formula derived and time tested by the Chavarcode Ayurvedic physicians.

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