VEINISH - Natural Herbal Supplement

Veinish VEINISH is an Ayurvedic preparation that has been used for more than 250 years and time tested by Chavarcode Ayurvedic physicians. VEINISH has been used for generations and by thousands of people. This natural herbal formula is made without any added chemicals or preservatives.

VEINISH is a holistic herbal formula that works at so many levels and helps many diseases at the same time by enhancing your own system.

Varicose veins of lower limbs are very common in older people, especially in women. In the modern medicine, there is no effective therapy available so far except stripping of the veins surgically and Sclerotherapy, Laser surgeries, Catheter-assisted procedures and Ambulatory phlebectomy etc.

The venous system of legs suffers gravitational pooling of blood and its antigravity strain on the vein walls. This can cause damage to its vessel wall and valves, resulting in tortuous varicose veins. VEINISH has the properties to help reverse the said venous changes. Venous thrombosis associated with inflammation of its intimal layer (thrombo-phlebitis) is reversible. Moreover pedal edema disappears once the venous insufficiency is corrected. Best results for varicose veins, it is recommended to take VASKO along with VEINISH.

VEINISHsharpens memoryand concentration. The neuronal activity is enhanced as VEINISH improves blood circulation in the brain.This helps reversal / prevention of neuronal dysfunctions like dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy etc.

VEINISH has positive skin effects. It augments blood perfusion in all layers. Immunoglobulin secretion is more and so infections are kept away. The pigmentation and elasticity of skin is regained to normal. Any ulceration of skin is easily healed with VEINISH.

VEINISH can reverse systemic high blood pressure as it relaxes the smooth muscles of arterioles and regains elasticity of the hardened vessels by laying new collagen to the walls.


Varicose Veins
Varicose ulcers
Spider Veins
Peripheral Vascular disorders (T.A.O or Burger’s Disease)
Pedal Edema - Swelling of the feet and ankles caused by collection of fluid in the tissues.
Thrombophlebitis - (throm-bo-fluh-BI-tis), a small blood clot formed inside the lumen of a vein, causing a block in the venous flow and hence swelling down.
Veinish Systemic Hypertension (essential)
Brain Diseases
Cerebrovascular insufficiency states
Alzheimer's disease
Parkinson’s disease
Skin Diseases
Eczema of lower limbs.

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