NURAX - A Natural Herbal food Supplement


  1. Stress and strains of life.
  2. Insomnia (Sleep disorder)
  3. Asthenia and debilitation
  4. Convalescence period after sickness to boost general health.
  5. Immunodeficiency states.
  6. Delayed wound healing
  7. Autoimmune disorders; e.g.: Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, Scleroderma etc.
  8. Degenerative diseases (cancer, osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus).
  9. Irregular menstruation.
  10. Sex enhancer for male and female




How it works:

Hormones are the messengers of life. They are coordinating various physiological activities in the human body. Hypothalamus, pituitary and its target organs constitutes the hormone axis. NURAX helps to regulate the deviations to regain the normal state. This paves the way for compensatory strategy to prepare the body to meet any stress positively.

Adequate Antioxidant production (primary), body repair system, good sleep and appetite are the result. Metabolic rate is also augmented to release more energy. NURAX helpsprepares the body for proper alert, fight and freight. The immune system is at its zenith also.


NURAX is100% natural herbal. Dry extracts encapsulated for convenience. Dailytwo doses can help stop stress related injury to the body and mind. Stress causes increased sweating, heart and respiratory rate, sleep disorders,sustained high blood pressure that kills target organs like heart, vessel of brain, retina, kidney etc. Premature death with early advanced aging process is the result.

This remedy can protect from these effects and also keep the mind-body harmony at its zenith with elevated threshold level for stress. Moreover, this ensures a cool calm relaxed personality with sound sleep, and good bowel habits. Memory and attention span is satisfactory. General immunity and intelligence go better. Delays fatigue at work. A state of disease free happy long life!

Busy schedules, deadlines, bills to pay, job changes, endless chores and errands, relationships, family problems, kids are bugging you, your job is demanding and the housework never ends. Tired, irritable and unable to sleep at night, you look out for the relief. This is stress.

Stress starts when your body is confronted with more than it can handle be it physical, emotional or mental. At first, your body prepares by increasing adrenalin production. You know the signs: pounding heart, heavy breathing, sweating and tense muscles. However, when stress persists, physical preparation turns into physical deterioration.

Emotional reactions include irritability, anger, losing one's temper, yelling, lack of concentration, being jumpy, etc. When left unchecked,stress can lead to a variety of health problems including insomnia, ulcers, back pain, colitis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and a loweringof the body's immune system.

Stress can damage target organs like heart, vessels at brain, retina, kidney etc. Premature death preceded by advanced aging process will be the end result.

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