VASKO Testimonials

Knee problem My name is William Lynch and approximately seven months ago I fell at work and injured my right knee. After receiving an MRI and speaking with a doctor surgery was suggested. Being that I had never undergone any type of surgery previously, it was definitely something I don’t want to hear. If I was to have surgery, I would be on bed rest for an undetermined amount of time. Time is not something that I want to be wasted on mandatory bed rest.

Recently, I’ve been trying to get a civil service job and I must pass a very difficult physical exam. This in turn, demands lots of cardio including a vast amount of running. With my knee being in such bad shape there is no way I could train to my best ability. Things didn’t look good for me to pass.

Around early September a gentleman whose office is next to my job saw me limping around and wearing the required leg brace I was given. We got to talking, and VASKO a natural supplement was brought up. He told me it would help my knee and I could avoid the surgery. At the first I was extremely skeptical. He gave me information regarding VASKO including some testimonials from others who had taken the supplement. But now I’m one of those people.

Since taking VASKO on a regular basis, I didn’t feel the need for surgery and haven’t needed to even call my doctor. These days I find myself being able to weight train and even run stairs something I wouldn’t have been able to do this soon if I had chose surgery.

VASKO has helped me in more ways than just my knee. My energy level has elevated. This allows me to do all the things I need in order to pass my physical exam. Also, I had a small varicose vein on the inside of my left leg, and since taking VASKO it’s almost completely gone.

Another thing I like about VASKO is that it’s completely natural. I know this first hand because on top of my physical exam I recently took a medical exam. My blood work came back normal and my cholesterol level was perfect. So, I can safely say as a skeptical New Yorker, VASKO really did work for me. I continue to use VASKO and have since recommended it to both friends and family.
I will forever be thankful.

William Lynch
East Northport, NY



I am 42 years old female, was suffering from high blood pressure with varicose veins both legs. I was on medication for high blood pressure with my G.P. and was controlled. But for the varicose veins there were no relief despite of my doctor's medicines. He advised surgery for it that I was prolonging with it. One of my relatives advised to try with VASKO and VEINISH that was available in the internet. I ordered online for 3 months supply and started taking the herbal supplements. Three weeks later I have noticed my varicose veins were started subsiding which was unbelievable. After 2 months I have done my blood work and my doctor asked me why my high blood pressure is reduced to the normal? I told him about VASKO but he never commented. The second month on I could use the morning footwear in the evening also as the swelling in the foot was reduced. My doctor recommended me to stop the high blood pressure medication after three months. Now I can walk and stand for long time. Thanks to the company for the wonderful herbal products. I am still taking VASKO and VEINISH because I don't want to take any more chemical medicine or surgery.



First of all, I must thank Skinny Secret for helping me to walk without a cane. My knee joint was damaged and had severe pain due to my overweight. I couldn't walk freely without someone's help. My doctor advised me to reduce my weight for getting rid of my knee pain which was my only option. I always like to use natural medicines for any ailment and tried different formulas from the internet but the result was my disappointment. I was discussing my situation to one of my friend and she recommended me to use Skinny Secret. I was skeptical but took a chance. The result was unbelievable and I lost 90 lbs in 5 months time. The weight loss was gradual and it encouraged me from the first month. Now I said bye bye to my walking cane. A million thank to Skinny secret.

Jessica Greenwood