This is a multi system involved connective-tissue disease with arthritis. Herbal research formula gives wonderful results to rheumatoid disease patients. Three to six months medication attain immuno modulation & slowly tapered off after the sufficient treatment they are symptom-free for months/years without medication. No untoward effects & 100% pure & natural.


It is a degenerative joint disease affecting mainly weight bearing large joints especially hip, knee, shoulder & spinal joints. Pain, stiffness & effusion of the joints. Unless complicated no fever or systemic effects. Degenerative regression of the cartilage (shock-absorber) with secondary changes of other components of the joint is the basic disease-process. Steroid & non-steroidal anti-inflammatory chemical drugs those are known as pain killers are to be generally taken life-long. These do not correct the basic disease-process but blocks the symptoms only.

Ayurvedic medication arrests the de-generative changes in O. A & gives regeneration of the cartilage & associated joint components to regain the normal architecture of the joint. Naturally the symptoms have to disappear & no more pain killers or other types of medications thereafter. It is a real cure of O. A. Patient can use the joint as before-symptom free.

Therapy includes (purely herbal)- both internal & external medication.
Mild to moderate cases needs 2 to 3 months medication.
Severe cases (esp. with deformities) needs more than 3 months medication.
Before a hip replacement why not try a cure without surgery


These are osteo-arthritis of spinal joints of cervical & lumbar regions. Here the straightening of the two curved regions of spine causes entrapment of the nerve roots emerging out of spinal canal. This gives neurological symptoms depending on the type of nerve. Cervical spondylitis causes sensory / motor symptoms of posterior head & neck, shoulders,upper limb regions as pain, numbness, burning, weakness etc. Giddiness on neck movements & inter-vertebral disc prolapse are later complications. Ayurvedic medicine offers conservative treatment as oral & external medication. This herbal formula can reverse the disease-process giving decongestion of the spinal canal & nerve-root bony outlets which can relieve rediculopathy. Suppleness of the spinal joints results by dissolution of osteophytes & arresting the ongoing degenerative changes.

Medicated (herbalised) oil of specific dehydration held for one hour on the scalp of the patient who sits straight on a comfortable seat. Neck, shoulders & paraspinal regions need be massaged above down applying suitable medicated oil. This accelerates spinal and paraspinal lymphatic & vascular drainage. The scalp medication is absorbed & carried along the vertebral & paravertebral region giving drug action-anti-inflammatory & decongestive effects. After one hour, medication removed, dried & medicinal powder is rubbed on scalp. Similar treatment for one week gives wonderful relief for spondylitis & suppleness of vertebral column.

No need of wearing cervical collar or surgery
(Angina Pectoris / Heart Attack)

Alternative therapy to avoid a by-pass surgery

Alternative therapy to avoid a by-pass surgery - Coronary artery narrowing due to progressive atherosclerotic plaque formation can be sufficiently dissolved by herbal formula. Exertional chest pain (angina pectoris) completely disappears & exercise tolerance improves. Moreover this formula regulates the blood fats like cholesterol, triglycerides etc.. Sufficient blood levels of anti-oxidants is inevitable to prevent further oxidation of blood vessel endothelial layers and the lipo proteins - which is the basic mechanism to develop coronary artery disease. This formula supplies the natural form of anti-oxidants sufficiently. This formula prevents even a second heart attack or stroke. A coronary by-pass surgery may be avoided. So try this time-tested herbal medication before a risky by-pass surgery/angioplasty.


Both are curable by herbal medication. Usually associated with respiratory allergy, food allergy or contact allergy. Immuno-modulation is possible with internal medication (purely herbal) for a few weeks & to maintain with minimum doses. Later intermitted therapy may be necessary in some cases.


Vitiligo is a progressive hypo-pigmentation of skin & auto-immune in nature. Many cases have been cured with internal medication- effective herbal research formula. No need of daily sun-exposure (U-V irradiation). White patches respond by reddening initially, followed by random dots of normal pigmentation which coalesce to get normal skin color.

3 to 6 months medication.
Safe & no side effects.
Purely herbal & natural.


Can be controlled with external medication
Migraine is a paroxysmal alternating hemicranial throbbing headache, usually associated with visual symptoms & vomiting. Often sensory or motor symptoms of one sided extremities exists- classical migraine. Vasospasm of cranial arteries followed by Dilatation is the basis of migraine. Even the resistant cases of modern medicine treatment respond positively to this alternative herbal medication, that is applied externally only-once daily.

pure, natural and eco-friendly.
no side effect & safe.
definitely prevents migraine.
one application offers 24 hrs. protection.


Effective herbal alternative therapy - research product of this firm - not only controls high blood sugar, but improves the glucose tolerance. Moreover, this medicine can reverse the complications of long-stood high blood sugar like retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy and cardio-vascular dysfunction and damages. The medication is a compounding of herbal extracts from various roots, barks, dried fruits and leaves. So it's pure & natural, containing nutrients, natural vitamins & antioxidants in addition to the anti-diabetic principles. Once the blood sugar is under control, it re-vitalizes the various tissues resulting in positive health and natural vigor.


1. HERBAL FORMULA (ORAL MEDICATION) reduces the insulin resistance & corrects cellular metabolism.
2. One dose twice daily - one hour before food.

Advantages of Alternative treatment

pure & natural. So well tolerated with no side effects.
not only blood sugar control, but improves glucose tolerance in Type-2 Diabetes.
reverses the diabetic complications & prevents them further.
no risk of hypoglycemia(blood sugar goes subnormal & symptomatic).
ensures good bowel habits, sleep & regulates appetite.
regains the lost weight & provides vitality & vigor.
no interactions on those taking chemical medicines or insulin injection.


This consists of symptoms of multiple systems along with the cessation of menstruation in women. Relative deficiency or total absence of estrogen in the blood & the elevated pituitary hormones (F.S.H & L.H.) are the causes.


Irritable & restless with disturbed sleep.
Palpitation, hot-flushes, headache & blood pressure changes.
Skin dryness, vaginal dryness & itching.
Painful weight-bearing joints (Osteoporosis).
Associated other hormonal imbalances.
H.R.T - Hormone Replacement Therapy - Hormone Replacement Therapy is the modern medical treatment which has adverse effects & risks.
Risk of vascular thrombosis.
Risk of cancer & obesity.
Herbal formula is researched out which controls the pituitary F.S.H. & L.H. & brings out a normal state by inducing alternate route of estrogen activity probably at the suprarenals. The effect starts after two weeks therapy.
Irritability & hot-flushes slowly disappears.
Obesity & heaviness come down.
Skin & mucus membrane regain natural health. (i.e.-wet vagina)
Osteoporosis is corrected (joint pain & back ache disappears).
Body warmth & sweating come down, gets undisturbed sleep.


Herbal formula to stimulate lactation in it’s insufficiency in the post partum period- a research product.
action starts within 48 hrs.
no side effect.
Additional benefits
it also helps for full contraction and retraction of post-partum uterus
induces good appetite for the mother.
through the mother’s milk the baby is protected from flatulent dyspepsia & griping.


Obesity can be controlled by new research formula (herbal). Bodyfat is mobilized & burnt in one’s own cells.
Only internal medication.
3 to 6 months duration usually.
Restriction of high calorie-food necessary.
No need of exercise.
Well tolerable.
No side effects.
Size, more than weight, comes down.


In men especially around 40, loss of libido is possible. Stress & strains of life, anxiety, smoking & alcoholism, hormonal insufficiency etc. may be the causes. Metabolic diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, vascular insufficiency (tobacco & hyperlipidemia) are again contributory.

Features of medicine

Pure & natural (herbal)
Oral medication twice daily.
No side effects.
Palatable & well tolerable.
pure & natural
non-toxic & non-irritant.
environment- friendly
contains no preservatives or chemicals
no age or sex bar for using the hair tonic.
nature’s prescription for natural hair - external application only
Our Herbal hair tonic is a hair restoring formula made from pure herbal sources only. The color, smell & viscosity are contributed by its own natural ingredients only. This is exclusively for scalp application and not for any other use.


stops hairfall .
controls dandruff effectively.
promotes hair re-growth & hair complexion.
augments hair growth rate.
can be used on normal scalp for better hair.

How it works

The only living part of your hair is its roots (the hair follicles). Those are deep inside the scalp skin. Hair growth happens here only. These are equally important as roots for a tree. During application on the scalp, the hair tonic penetrates deep down these hair follicles (capillary action) & give the actions viz.:

a. Rejuvenation of hair follicles-even the sick ones

Our Herbal Hair Tonic provides nutrients for healthy hair synthesis. The abundant natural anti-oxidants in the hair tonic prevents tissue degeneration in the scalp skin . Hence even the sick hair follicles regenerate to produce natural healthy hair (rejuvenation). This process of rejuvenation includes the pigment producing cells also resulting in natural color of the hair.

b. Control of dandruff & related hairfall

Dandruff is the common cause of simple hairfall. The active herbal ingredients in the hair tonic prevent proliferation of the micro-organisms causing dandruff saving the hair follicles from sickness & prevention of hair fall.

c. Stops hairfall related to hardwater scalp wash

Hardwater gives chemical injury to the hair follicles (degeneration). Our Herbal hair tonic rejuvenates the scalp skin & hence prevents hairfall.

Method of application

Apply required amount of Our Herbal Hair Tonic(3ml per application is Sufficient) on the scalp by finger droppings at random sites. Spread with finger tips of both hands to form a thin film of the hair tonic uniformly over the scalp. This spreading gives a gentle massage of the scalp that improves its blood perfusion. This enhances the absorption of hair tonic and the hair root nourishment. Hold the hair tonic for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash properly using cleansers daily, preferably with natural ones.

Chemical shampoos may be used once in a week. If dandruff is heavy this may be used daily for a few days continuously. 60 ml hair tonic for 20 days approximately. Daily one application is essential. Regular use brings good results.